Special Reports

Election Integrity Testimony with Jon Knight on the June 2022 Shasta County Election
Special Report: Jon and Terry sit down with Dr. Frank regarding our elections
Special Report: Jon sits down with Dr. Leonard Horowitz
Special Report: PSOM Rodeo Edition
Special Report: With Guest Nicole Nogrady
Special Report: January 6th Tapes Released
Special Report: Mosquitos
Special Report: 5G
Special Report: Sovereign Minds: Your Own Backyard
Special Report: Jefferson State of Mine Special Report 2A Resolution Template
Special Report: Mosquitos and special guest Tina Lia of Hawaii Unites in Maui
Special Report: Take Control of your Local Elections Part Two
Special Report: Taking control of special elections part one
Special Report with: Linda Rantz The Facts of the Hand Count
Special Report with: Alex Haberbush
Special Report with: Clint Curtis

Shasta County BOS: First in CA to Terminate Dominion Voting Machines

Special Report By: Courtney Kreider





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